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Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering & Bodily Wastes - Untitled / Manual Penectomy (Split, 2009)


Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering:

01. Phlegmsoaked Tapeworms
02. Biosolids Feast
03. Cranial Penetration
04. Outdoor Scatsex
05. Delicatessen from the Toilet Bowl
06. Feces Endosymbiont Parasite
07. Suck My Delicious Turd
08. Cheerleader Sex Party
09. Massive Loads of Sperm
10. Sweet Flavour of Bacterial Juice
11. Hyena Excretions
12. Vibrating Dildo with Turd Format
13. Juice of Ascomycota

Bodily Wastes:

14. Ricochet of Swiftly Excreted Faeces Back Into The Anus due to Excessive Sphincter Muscle Pressure During Defecation Process
15. Manual Procedure of Removing the Surplus of Accumulated Adipose Tissue from the Abdominal Cavity by Using Simple Household Tools: Can Opener For Making the Cut, Vacuum Cleaner for Sucking Up the Fat and a Bottle of Vodka for Anaesthesia
16. Greedily Consuming Juicy Pieces of Carelessly Aborted Embryo Fortunately Discovered Inside the Dumpster While Searching for Food to Eat
17. The Idea of Freezing Excrements in the Refridgerator to Make Them Solid Enough for Being Used As Phallic Immitators Proved to Be Unpractical due to the Melting of These Faeces After Anal Insertions Because of the Temperature Inside the Rectum
18. Lethally Asphyxiated by Gigantic Buttocks During Voluntary Passive Facesitting Practices with Several Obese Transexual Perverts
19. Wrapping the Removed Eyeballs into Remaining Scrotal Tissue After Gouging Out the Testicles and Flushing Them Into the Toilet Bowl
20. Raising the Foreskin and Scraping Out Huge Amount of Smegma for Making Objects Resembling Snowballs and Attacking the Passing Pedestrians
21. Abundant Regurgitation of Indigested Flesh and Bone Fragments after Cannibalistic Devourment of Little Rotten Corpses of Anencephalic Newborns
22. Radical Amputation of External Male Reproductive Organ Due To the Occurence of Squamous Cell Carcinomas on the Glans By Means Of Rusty Meat Cleaver As Cheaper Alternative of Penectomy Surgery

Slurp This Liquid Stool

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Bodily Wastes - Intestinal Parasitic Bezoar (Tracks From "The Most Noisy Bands On The Planet Part II" 8-Way Split with Acanthocephala, Bacteria, Bloated Intestines Boiled In Lard, Epiploenterocele Pusliquid Wormchunk, Homocide, Omphalectoicxanthopsia and Panspermia)


01. The Sight of Fecalfilled Colostomy Bags and Urine Soaked Adult Diapers Causes Sudden Lust for Fetishistic Perversions Outwardly Expressed in Quickened Pulse and Dripping Saliva
02. Diametrical Expansion of Urethral Passage by Surgical Dilators for the Purpose of Making the Opening Available for Insertions of Sizeable Objects
03. Stimulating the Ectocervix with Tongue Touches Simply to Taste the Acidic Mucus Gathered Inside the External Os After the Ending of Menstrual Period
04. Eruption of Pusfilled Blisters and Bleeding of Scratched Papules on Herpes Infected Vulva during the Act of Cunnilingus Makes the Process more Peculiar
05. Pleasant Refreshment by Abundant Fountain of Bloodmixed Urine and Liquid Stool Squirting Simultaneously Out of the Juicy Twat of a Female Suffering From Rectovaginal Fistula, Haematuria and Severe Indigestion
06. Severe Skin Peeling Syndrome Combined with Total Muscular Atrophy and Avascular Necrosis due to The Temporary Loss of Blood Supply to the Bones because of Thrombus Formations In Blood Vessels
07. Mucous Membrane Irritation and Corruption of Pupil Functions due to Facial Ejaculation Which Resulted In Hitting The Retina With Squirting Seminal Fluid
08. Two Horny Nurses Perform Mouth-to-Mouth Gastric Juice Swapping After Sucking the Fluid From the Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube Connected to the Stomach of Severely Traumatized Patient

Feast On These Gastrointestinal Contents

Bodily Wastes - Compilation Of Old & Unreleased Stuff (2009-2011)


01. Ignition Of Flatus During the Experimental Proctological Operation of Removing Internal Haemorrhoids By Melting Them With Soldering Iron
02. Careless Urethral Catheter Insertion Resulted in Considerable Damage to the Canal and Urinary Malfunctions due to the Internal Haemorrhage and Obstruction of the Passage with Lacerated Tissue
03. Formation of Cystic Structures Among The Liquefied Remains of Necrotic Tissues In The Particular Area Of The Brain Which Is Affected By Colliquative Necrosis Due To Cerebral Ischemia
04. Proud To Be An AIDS Infected Child Molester
05. Making Vegetarians Eat The Entrails Of Their Own Pets
06. Filling Your Anus With Ashes Of Your Grandparents Before Plugging It With My Cock
07. You Kissed Your Child's Rosy Cheeks Without Knowing That I Ejaculated On Them A Few Hours Ago
08. Life Is Shit, So The Only Way To Enjoy It Is To Be A Coprophile
09. If You Want To Economise, Try Feeding Your Kid With His Own Crap Instead Of Spending Money On Child Food
10. Your Dog Had So Cute Eyes That I Couldn't Resist The Temptation Of Carving Them Out
11. I Cheated Your Drug Addicted Sister By Refusing To Give Her The Promised Money For A Heroin Dose After Getting A Blowjob
12. Mocking At Hospice Patients About Their Illnesses
13. I Exhume Your Granny Every Time I Get Lonely
14. Your Girlfriend Is A Twenty-Four-Hour Dick Sucking Machine
15. I'm Going To Ruin Your Life
16. Intro - Violence Is The Ultimate Source Of Pleasure
17. Satisfied By The Taste Of Golden Nectar Provided By A Cute Little Virgin
18. Nothing Tastes More Enjoyable Than Her Delicious Brown Treasure
19. My Tongue Explores The Depths Of Her Rectum In Hope Of Encountering Its' Appetizing Contents
20. The Mixture Of Her Snot And Sputum Would Make The Finest Cocktail For Me
21. The Saulty Flavour Of Her Menstrual Blood Drives Me Insane
22. The Sexual Appeal And Delicate Smell Of A Homeless Broad's Sweaty Calloused Feet
23. It's Even Better If She Has Gonorrhoea, I Adore The Unique Taste Of That Viscous Vaginal Pus
24. I Love To Chew Her Prolapsed Hemorrhoids, To Lick The Hairy Warts On Her Flabby Buttocks And To Suck Out Intestinal Hookworms During The Process Of Analingus
25. Coprophagia Is Much More Delightful To Me If The Faeces Are Infested With Maggots Because It Allows Me To Feel Their Pleasant Swarming Between My Teeth While I Masticate My Delicious Meal

Get Covered In This Scat

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Bodily Wastes - Tracks From Noise Against Metal (6-Way Split with Rotten Imbeciles Burnt By Triple Anal Penetration Of Mother Nature, Chuck Shuldiner Is Gay, Бухой Волк, Rot_Of..., and Hysteraectomia)


01. Encephalomeningocele
02. Macroscopic Haematuria
03. Colorectal Carcinoma
04. Movement of Liquid Stool Through Impacted Fecal Matter During Bowel Obstruction
05. Prolapsed Haemorrhoids
06. Poisoning By Absorbed Urinary Wastes After the Rupture of Overfilled Bladder
07. Gastroesophageal Reflux

Gulp This Slimy Diarrhoea

Bodily Wastes - Overloaded Intestines (Demo)


01. Depriving the Victim of Movement Controlling Body Parts to Prevent the Possibility of Escaping From The Basement
02. Injecting Heroin into the Veins with the Needle Previously Used by Dozens of AIDS Infected Crackwhores
03. Showered with Abundant Diarrhea Torrents coming from Three Obese Hairy Asses
04. Gerontoapotemnophiliac Intercourse with Pathetic 80 Year Old Female Freak Suffering from Paralysis and Anorexia
05. Connection of Uterine Implant to the Rectum Results in Possibility to Obtain Anal Pregnancy
06. Locked Up in the Public Toilet Cabin because of Medical Prescribtion for Prophylactic Aromatherapy
07. Piercing the Phallus with Several Needles to Watch the Urine Spray From the Wounds In Different Directions
08. Forcefully Captured and Violently Raped by a Group of Mentally Unstable Sadistic Dwarves

Consume This Excrement