суббота, 3 сентября 2011 г.

Bodily Wastes - Overloaded Intestines (Demo)


01. Depriving the Victim of Movement Controlling Body Parts to Prevent the Possibility of Escaping From The Basement
02. Injecting Heroin into the Veins with the Needle Previously Used by Dozens of AIDS Infected Crackwhores
03. Showered with Abundant Diarrhea Torrents coming from Three Obese Hairy Asses
04. Gerontoapotemnophiliac Intercourse with Pathetic 80 Year Old Female Freak Suffering from Paralysis and Anorexia
05. Connection of Uterine Implant to the Rectum Results in Possibility to Obtain Anal Pregnancy
06. Locked Up in the Public Toilet Cabin because of Medical Prescribtion for Prophylactic Aromatherapy
07. Piercing the Phallus with Several Needles to Watch the Urine Spray From the Wounds In Different Directions
08. Forcefully Captured and Violently Raped by a Group of Mentally Unstable Sadistic Dwarves

Consume This Excrement

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